I have an innate curiosity which has led me to explore many different topics from politics, psychology, and more recently data science.
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Not a sponsored article. Just a fan

Prosecco is an Italian white wine produced on a large area covering nine provinces in the territory of Friuli Venezia Giuli. It is usually made in sparkling or semi-sparkling styles, but a still wine (Tranquillo) is also permitted. The wine is made of using Glera grape, but some denominations are…

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How does cryptocurrency fit into this?

Metaverse is the hypothesized next iteration of the Internet, containing a decentralized persistent online 3D virtual ecosystem. Virtual Space will be accessible using virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphones, computers, and gaming consoles. Metaverse has already well-defined purposes for the computer games industries, businesses, education, retail services, and real…

Ilro Lee

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